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11/2009 8
Dynamic Formula Calculation
For a while now I have wanted to write a dynamic formula engine that could take a  math equation sting and resolve it.  While researching an unrelated topic I found a bit of code for a "FormulaGenerator" by Tiberiu Ionescu.
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10/2009 5
The Hidden Requirement
Every developer runs into a hidden requirement leaving them feeling like a bird who discovered a closed window.  Hidden requirements are not new, nor are they exclusive to software development.
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6/2009 20
Using an Object for an Id
It's not that uncommon to use an ID for a data object.  However, sometimes more information is needed to uniquely identify an object than a number.
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6/2009 19
Extending the ASP.Net Security model to use rights: Cassini
I get a few messages about how the rights system fires many times per request and it is a lot of SQL traffic.  Allow me to address this issue and introduce to your silent partner Cassini.
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6/2009 19
Variable boxing and == vs. Equals
Let's take a moment and think about exactly how boxed variables work when checking to see if they are equal. Here is a little Console application to do a quick comparison of how the Equals function and == operator work.
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2/2009 23
Ajax Popup Tooltips
I was sent a link to Caleb's blog about an ajax tooltip popup script.  It's a great article but the script was a little to specific for my uses.
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