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9/2015 14
Fun with errors: 500.19 this configuration cannot be used at this path
While helping someone setup a new development environment on a Virtual Machine for an existing project we found we were getting a 500.
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9/2015 12
Case of the disappearing CSS and assets
I was working on a project with a team and I noticed that the CSS and image assets were missing when I was not logged in.  As soon as I logged in they appeared.
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9/2015 6
Taming Sitecore preview database configurations with SlowCheetah
Every now and again developers run into problems that have already been solved but we just don’t know it.  Sitecore is a wonderful platform that is highly configurable.
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5/2015 26
Building a better Shopping UI
I was recently doing some research for work when I saw an AD for a really nice pocket watch.  Now I already have a wonderful smart watch but I wanted to go browse the companies catalog and see what other products they had to offer.
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