I started out with a long list of “Tech Debt”I wanted to clean up.  I started with a virtual server solution which I still haven't finished because of….technical issues.

But I have tinkered with other items on the list as well.  I managed to get a Nuget feed up and running. This solves a number of issues for me, but I did find a few interesting things.

I started by creating a new MVC project and I added the Nuget server package.  I updated the web.config with a new apikey and the package directory path.  I configured a “Web one click publish” profile so the config file would be transformed during the publish.

There maybe an easier way to do this, and if I was willing to let a 3rd party host the Nuget packages this would be a non-issue.  Here’s the kick, I am not against using https://www.nuget.org/ and http://www.symbolsource.org.  It is not that uncommon for an organization to want to publish private Nugets to speed up development and debugging has often proved to be an issue for developers.  So getting a private symbols feed to go along with that private Nuget feed is important and I wanted to know how difficult it is to standup the feed.  Now to get my symbols server working…