I started out with a long list of “Tech Debt”I wanted to clean up.  I started with a virtual server solution which I still haven't finished because of….technical issues.

But I have tinkered with other items on the list as well.  I managed to get a Nuget feed up and running as well as a symbols Nuget feed.  In theory I will be able to push the Nugets to the one feed and the symbols to the other, configure my visual studio and I should be able to debug into my Nuget packages.  This solves a number of issues for me, but I did find a few interesting things.

I couldn’t get the Nuget and symbol feeds to run out of the same site project with the default packages.  Because I did not feel like writing new code to address the issue I created two different virtual directories to run the different feeds.  I started by creating a new MVC project and I added the Nuget server package.  I updated the web.config with a new apikey and the package directory path.  I configured two different configurations - one for the Nuget feed and one for the symbols – and setup 2 “Web one click publish” profiles so the config file would be transformed during the publish.

I ran into one problem.  Because both feeds were in the same application pool – which is related to my host and I haven’t looked into changing the app pool of virtual directories- I got an error I do not see often

This collection already contains an address with scheme http. There can be at most one address per scheme in this collection

This kind of threw me off and after kicking it around for a bit I found a simple answer

I added a new section to the web.confit

     <serviceHostingEnvironment aspNetCompatibilityEnabled="true">
         <add prefix="http://www.jeffgaroutte.net/nuget" />

For the symbols publish I changed the prefix URL to point to the symbols virtual directory.  This solved the issue and it seems to work.  There maybe an easier way to do this, and if I was willing to let a 3rd party host the Nuget packages this would be a non-issue.  Here’s the kick, I am not against using https://www.nuget.org/ and http://www.symbolsource.org.  It is not that uncommon for an organization to want to publish private Nugets to speed up development and debugging has often proved to be an issue for developers.  So getting a private symbols feed to go along with that private Nuget feed is important and I wanted to know how difficult it is to standup the feed.

At some point, I might look into getting both feeds into one virtual directory; but it is easy to update the server package and re-deploy both applications.